If you are sincerely seeking potent spiritual healing and transformation; if you are tired of a repeating story of your life that no longer serves you, then step into a sacred relationship with an authentic spiritual servant who walks in deep harmony with the Divine and Holy Spirit.

Manaji (Gabriel) is an authentic Mystic, Master Healer, Teacher and Divine Catalyst. He is known as a "healers healer" or a "teachers teacher".  He was initiated directly by the Creator at a very young age when the Holy power descended upon him imbuing him with transcendent Grace. This holy energy/power of spiritual enlightenment, transformation and attunement, known by some as Shakti, permeates from his essence. Just by being in his presence you will begin to feel uplifted, inspired and energized as you receive a profound blessing and transmission of direct knowing that will initiate you on the path to Self Realization and align you with your own Divine Essence/Spirit.

This powerful transformative energy can be passed in a variety of settings and through varying mediums such as his voice/gaze; direct healing from the Divine via laying on of hands; through his music; and simply by sitting with him.

No matter what your walk of life or how long you have been on the spiritual journey, Gabriel is here to be of service and to help you along in the most compassionate and loving way possible.

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